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How to properly use an air fryer parchment paper liner?


Can you use parchment paper in the air fryer? Many people have this doubt, yes, you can indeed use parchment paper in the air fryer, but be careful. In fact, the air fryer parchment paper liner is one of the accessories we use with our air fryer, and it's a huge amount.

How much do you know about parchment?

Parchment paper is a paper commonly used in ovens. The paper is treated to make it non-stick, and it can also withstand certain oven temperatures. Parchment paper can be a great application in an air fryer when cooking sticky and greasy items. If the parchment paper is not used, it may stick to the air fryer basket.


Tips for Using Parchment Paper in the Air Fryer


1. Check the maximum temperature

Before using parchment paper in your air fryer, be sure to compare the maximum temperature it can withstand to the temperature at which you're cooking food in the air fryer. Cooking is safer only if the parchment paper is warm enough to withstand the temperatures the air fryer is operating at.


How to properly use an air fryer parchment paper liner?


2. Make sure you have the correct paper

Make sure you are using food-grade parchment paper that is not toxic to the ingredients.


3. Use the right size

Different air fryers have different basket sizes, and your parchment paper may be larger than your air fryer basket. Don't end up stuffing the oversized paper into the fryer, it is recommended that you cut the paper a little smaller than the basket itself.


4. Do not use parchment paper during preheating

You'll need to add the parchment paper to the air fryer and put some more ingredients on top. If you use parchment paper during preheating, or if you really don't have enough weight, it can easily fly into the heating element and burn. Prevents the parchment from being sucked up by the vents, which can block the vents and cause the parchment to burn


Where can I buy air fryer parchment liners?

Most grocery stores carry this common cooking accessory. If you can't find it, you can also google air fryer parchment paper liners and find a parchment paper supplier.

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