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A Logical Turnkey Solution

From Design to Delivery | From Concept to Completion


  • Centralize and consolidate the merchandising process for packaging and display manufacturing, program assembly and retail distribution
  • Achieve cost-savings throughout the supply chain
  • Improve sustainability
  • What We Do

  • Develop a new figured package concept
  • Present a turnkey solution that included:creative concepts manufacture all packaging and display components managed products and display assembly handle logistics and customs clearance
  • Results

  • Improved sustainability display with eye-catching bling concept versus previous display on small usual iron stand
  • Exceeded cost-saving goals with a turnkey solution
  • Developed a standard packaging and display platform for multiple club store environments
  • Reduced transaction costs with single contact for all program elements
  • sale-display

    Packaging & Display for Food & Beverage

    Carrying Weight/ Get Fancy At Printed Cardboard Display


  • Drive customers into stores by direct presentation in every day consumable
  • Add incremental sales for their destination retailers
  • Make it simple quick for retailers and easy for shopper to use and transport
  • What We Do

  • Create a retail-ready dispenser/tray/display box/ POS stand combination that minimizes shelf space, positions brand image and shopper instructions for maximum impact
  • Utilized product line for the highest quality graphics inside surface print and best preformance characteristics
  • Tray/shelf/display/ is designed to fit into shop position to enhance more client contact, able to load and unload
  • Designed the display to be flexible for variable size, height and weight products
  • Results

  • Display was manufactured on our product
  • The qty of 100-200 units product raised incremental product sales at the targeted retailer
  • Display established a regular retailers purchase stream and eventual permanent placement of product line
  • The promotion increased the typical product turn, improving sales volume for retailer
  • The pre-packaged unit was easy to go in minutes and kept the display unit organized for the lift of promotion
  • sanck-display-stands

    Packaging & Display for Household & Electronic

    Make Easy Choice


  • Create an endcap display to promote the launch of houseing wares/appliance
  • Feature prominent graphics to emphasize eyes-catching
  • Make it store-ready for ease of setting-up
  • Leverage the equity of product's shape
  • Increase impulse purchase incentive
  • Balance the size of the display for in-store presence and total units on the display
  • What We Do

  • Designed a structurally sound display to hold over 30KG product to test
  • Display shipped proloaded
  • Created in iconic larger-than-live destination within the store to build brand equity
  • Created graphic that were targeted toward both adults and children
  • Bright graphic and an appealing monster visual were tied into the front to attract attention and encourage interaction
  • Results

  • Retailer loved the minimal set-up time and customer education, because it's graphically portrayed which freed up sales associated time
  • LOGO featured placed brightly stimulate impulse purchase
  • Consumers easily recognize the brand and quickly shopped the display down
  • Figures showed double effect compared to same product sold on shelf
  • cosmetic-displays

    Packaging & Displays for Drugs and Make-up

    Perform at Peak Level


  • Develop a simple and efficient display plast form that provides ease of execution at retail
  • Combine a powerful visual impact with structural integrity for easy access to health product
  • Customer needs displays in store 3-4 weeks
  • Help consumer quick find the essence of product
  • Fast set up and dispose at retail
  • What We Do

  • included an interactive voice module with actual, fully functional product feature on the display header
  • header and wing graphic panels would attach to the display later to ensure safty and impact
  • Results

  • Display engaged customers, raised product awareness and successfully drove sales
  • The display established an emotional connection between the consumer’s lifestyle and product function
  • Display sold 4 times the amount of products of those stores carrying the same products only on limited shelf
  • retailers reported that the displays could restocked multiple times
  • The addition of PVC tray can extend display life during floor mopping
  • sale-display

    Packing & Display for Toy & Gift

    Capture The Market


  • Offer cost-saving solutions and increase shelf appeal for capture bling packaging
  • Engineer a better sustainability index score
  • What We Do

  • Converted their current packaging & retail to cardboard POS which results in an initial 25% savings
  • Designed a new product layout, reducing the height and width of the card allowing for better fit & presentation, which results in 15% savings
  • The new packaging and POS demonstration on pallet/ shipper logistics, which results in 10% savings
  • Reduced fulfillment labor by printing Logo/instruction/figures/product vividly instead of hiring sales person at site, which can shorten selling time and increaesd income
  • Results

  • The overall look increased eyes-catching and the laminated cardboard eliminated unit warping and water proof
  • Sustainbility index improved from 5 to 8
  • Customer sales have exceeded forecasts
  • toy-display-stands

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