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Is there any paper that can be used in the air fryer?


The air fryer allows us to make delicious food quickly and easily at home, and its popularity can be imagined. But many times, after we cook the food, we find that there are a lot of oil stains and seasonings in the air fryer, and it is very troublesome to clean. So, is there any paper that can be used in the air fryer? The answer is: yes.


It is best not to put the baking paper in the air fryer, because the baking paper has a low ignition point and is easy to catch fire, and it is more dangerous to put it in the air fryer. Baking paper is generally used when making cakes. If you want to put a layer of paper to separate it, you can generally use tin foil. If you want to put baking paper, it is best not to use more than 20 minutes.


In addition to being non-stick and absorbing oil, the disposable paper of the air fryer is also easy to clean after use without brushing the pan. Moreover, it can protect the pot to the greatest extent and prolong the life of frying basket.


purchasing disposable paper for air fryer


The following points should be paid attention to when purchasing disposable paper for air fryer

1. Size

Most parchment paper is general purpose and will fit most air fryer bodies. But it is best to compare the size of the basket before buying.


2. High-temperature resistance

Most parchment paper is double-sided silicone oil, which can withstand the temperature of 220°C and is not easy to burn and damage, but pay attention to the time, try not to exceed too much, it will be fine, usually within 20 minutes.


3. Heightening and thickening

The parchment paper with the raised edge design makes it difficult for the baking ingredients to stick to the wall of the pot, making it easier to clean, and the thickened material is more heat resistant!


When using disposable paper for the air fryer, you need to pay attention. Do not empty the oiled paper. Press the oiled paper with food to prevent the hot air from blowing the oiled paper to the heating tube when the air fryer is working, causing it to burn.

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