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Why Are Cardboard Display Stands So Popular?


Cardboard display racks have a high economic value. For any type of business location, they have the function of attracting customers and promoting products. At the same time, it also has the effect of improving the image of the product and the reputation of the company. Paper display racks mainly have the following functions:

cardboard displays rack

1.New product notification


Most of the paper display stands belong to advertisements for new products. When new products are sold, in conjunction with other mass media, using paper display stands at sales outlets for promotional activities can attract consumers' attention and stimulate their purchasing desires.


2.Attract customers into the store


Two-thirds of the actual purchases are temporary purchase decisions, and it is clear that retail sales are directly proportional to their customer traffic. Therefore, the first step in the promotion of paper display racks is to attract people to the store.


3.Lead customers to stop


How to attract customers' attention to products and generate interest, paper display racks can attract customers' attention with their novel patterns, brilliant colors, and unique ideas, and stop them to stay interested in merchandise in advertisements. Ingenious and eye-catching paper displays often have unexpected effects. In addition, on-site operation, trial samples, free tasting and other in-store live advertising formats can also greatly mobilize the interests of customers and induce purchase motivation.


4.Promote final purchase


Inspiring customers’ final purchase is the core function of the paper display stand. To this end, we must seize the customer's concerns and excitement. In fact, the previous induction work is the basis for the final purchase of the customer, and the purchase decision of the customer is a process. As long as the promotion work in the process is completed, the result will naturally occur.


5.Replace salesperson


The paper display stands with the reputation of "silent salesman" and "most loyal salesman." The paper display stands are often used in supermarkets, and supermarkets are self-selected. In supermarkets, when consumers are confronted with many commodities and have no way of starting, an outstanding paper display rack placed around the merchandise is faithfully Continuously providing consumers with product information serves to attract consumers and promote their purchasing determination.

retail display rack

6.Create a sales atmosphere


Using paper display racks with strong colors, beautiful patterns, prominent styling, humorous movements, and accurate and vivid advertising language can create a strong sales atmosphere, attract consumers' attention, and create buying impulses.


7.Improve corporate image


Paper display racks, like other advertisements, can play a role in establishing and enhancing corporate image in a sales environment, thereby maintaining a good relationship with consumers. Paper display stands are an important part of corporate visual identity. Retail enterprises can make store logos, standard words, standard colors, corporate image designs, promotional slogans, and slogans into various forms of paper display racks to create distinctive corporate images.


8.Holiday promotion


Paper display stands are an important means of cooperating with holiday promotions. In all kinds of traditional and modern festivals, paper display stands can create a happy atmosphere. Paper display racks have helped boost holiday sales season.


9.Improve the image and value of sales products


The cardboard display stand is mainly used for the promotion of customer products, the promotion of new products, enhance the image and market value of customer products, and bring greater profits and benefits to customers.


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