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We specially design the curve structure in order to achieve the purpose of aesthetics, which makes products put deep in the retail cardboard display stand can also be seen.

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Each display rack has three shelves which can place types of products. You can also customize the number of shelves. There are shelf panels on the edges of each shelf to prevent your products from falling.


The number of shelves is determined by you. You only need to tell us your requirements. Then, our designers can provide you with the most reasonable structure based on the weight of your products and the load-bearing of shelves.


The base is supported by mutiple cardboard (two layer of corrugated paper) which cross the whole base to make the display firmer.

retail cardboard displays

The surface can be printed by your products’ picture or the picture you design.


The surface of display is waterproof, so that it will not intenerated by water.


The weight of retail cardboard display is less than a kilogram and easy to carry.

Although the display has light weight, you don’t need to worry about the stability. It can bear the weight in XX-XX KG.


Our designer will design the most reasonable structure for you, according to the size and weight of the products you put.


If you have no idea in arranging displays, we can also provide you some reasonable advice.


Packaging for Deliver:


1. Deliver installed displays


2. Deliver carboard (Each product has installation instructions, and we have after-sale service, which can also teach you to install remotely, so you don't have to worry about installation.)


1% Spare Product


For example: every 10000 bulk products, we will send you 100 more.


As a retail display stands solution manufacturers. No matter what retail cardboard displays you needs, we wii meet you.

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