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What is the difference between a cardboard display stand and a counter display?


With the popularity of cardboard display racks and counter displays, and people's increasing attention to environmental protection, cardboard display racks, and counter displays are used on more and more occasions, especially when products need to be promoted. The same is for display. What is the difference between a cardboard display stand and a counter display?


Similarities between cardboard display stands and counter displays


1. Similar in function

As props for displaying goods, both of them have the role of the display. When promoting product activities, we will use cardboard display racks or showcases. The commodities and collections to be displayed are displayed in an all-round way, giving people the opportunity to understand and recognize them.


2, the material is similar

The material of the counter display and the display rack is basically the same, and the material of the display rack can also be used to make the counter display, but generally, it is fixed in the store to display the goods, and it is generally made of wood baking paint, which has high requirements for the craftsmanship, especially The showcases of jewelry stores even need boutique showcases to perfectly display the high-end fashion of jewelry; display stands and showcases used for promotional products and other occasions are basically made of cardboard, which is easy to install and carry.


What is the difference between a cardboard display stand and a counter display?


Differences between cardboard display stands and counter displays


1. Different shapes

The cardboard display rack can be said to be a hollowed-out showcase. The display rack is far more functional than the showcase. Because the display rack is a hollow design, it is more comprehensive when displaying items, allowing people to understand more thoroughly. And the showcase In terms of display effect is far inferior to the display rack. People can only watch the front of the items in the counter display, and the back cannot be seen.


2. Different uses

Cardboard display racks are mainly used for product display, such as promotions and trade fairs. Generally, during the display, the LOGO of the merchant should be pasted on the display rack to play an advertising role. The counter displays are mostly used in conferences, At the time of the exposition, the showcase is more conservative than the display rack, so it appears to be more stable, suitable for displaying some representative items of corporate image, or for displaying items in the museum. The exhibition rack has strong publicity and display. According to the characteristics of the display rack, we can design the matching product promotion boutique display rack, coupled with the creative LOGO sign, so that the product can be prominently displayed in front of the public, thereby increasing the advertising effect of the product.


From the design concept, the cardboard display stand is a shelf with different structures and shapes developed according to the characteristics of the products to be displayed by customers. The cardboard counter displays are basically made of the same shape, but different products will be placed in the counter displays of the same structure. The design concept of the display rack is to display the product first, but the design sequence of the counter display is to place different products according to different showcases.

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