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What are the characteristics of disposable air fryer parchment paper?


The reason why air fryers are so popular is also that they provide consumers with a lot of conveniences, allowing everyone to enjoy delicious food with simple operations in their own kitchens. When we use the air fryer, we are most worried about hygiene after use, so later when we use the air fryer, we will put a layer of parchment paper to wrap the food and prevent the oil from seeping out. So, what are the characteristics of disposable air fryer parchment paper?


What are the characteristics of disposable air fryer parchment paper?


If the special oil-absorbing paper for the air fryer is not used, it is generally necessary to cut out the appropriate size according to the bottom of the air fryer to hold the food and keep the inner wall of the fryer clean. Disposable air fryer parchment paper is cut to size and can be used directly in the fryer. An air fryer is a machine that generates hot air by heating a heat pipe inside the engine at a high temperature and then uses a fan to blow the hot air into the pan to heat the food. It can be used to fry food without oil. The frying baskets inside are generally non-stick coated, and you can cook food directly without paper. But in order to facilitate cleaning, it is usually covered with tin foil or oil-absorbing paper. Tinfoil or absorbent paper heats food more evenly, locks in moisture, and prevents scorching. It also prevents food and sauces from sticking to the fryer walls and the bottom of the basket, making it easy to clean after use.


The principle of the air fryer is "high-speed air circulation technology", that is, through the baking device, the air in the fryer becomes a fast circulating heat flow, dehydrating the food, and the surface becomes golden and crispy to achieve the effect of frying. The disposable air fryer parchment paper will not directly touch the fire, so it will not produce toxic substances and is harmless to the human body.


What are the characteristics of disposable air fryer parchment paper?


Disposable air fryer parchment paper is actually silicone oil paper, which is a common wrapping paper. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and oil resistance, and is mainly used for food packaging. Generally, food-grade absorbent paper is very safe. Regular food-grade silicone oil paper will apply a layer of inorganic silicone oil on the base paper. The silicone oil paper produced in this way has higher stability than ordinary silicone oil paper, high-temperature resistance, good safety, and will not produce toxic substances in the human body. All are food-grade materials.


In daily life, even if you don't need an air fryer, you can fry, fry, braise, and bake at high temperatures with an ordinary pan. But compared to accurate frying, the air fryer can reduce the intake of "oil" and is slightly healthier than eating fried food directly.

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