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FAQs About The Air Fryer Disposable Liners


1 How to Find a Qualified Air Fryer Liner Factory?

Nowadays more and more people are familiar with and willing to use the air fryer diposable liners, due to the silicone-coated parchment paper advantages and the air fryer popular. Now it is into the price war for the air fryer paper liner, how can you be stand out in the air fryer paper liner market? The best way is to find a direct qualified factory with competitive prices. You can use the following 3 points!

3), What is the  air fryer liner working flow? The smooth working flow will increase the production quality and effect!
2), How many Auto machines do they have? Cause the auto machine can save much labor cost!
3), How to pack the disposable air fryer liner? Cause the packing way will save the shipping cost!

air fryer liner

2What is The Material Made From For The Air Fryer Disposable Liners? 

Parchment Paper coated with vegetable silicone oil on both sides is safe, waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick and resistant to high temperature of 400°F. When you use the air fryer liner it will be benifits from below points. 

1,Easy Clean up: Using a parchment paper on your air fryer will help with easier clean up. It wouldn't keep all the grease from dripping onto the base but it would catch most of it making clean up less tedious.
2,Long Term Maintenance:  Reduces wear and tear from constant scrubbing of the air fryer baskets and racks. It will help the non stick surface last longer.
3, Easily Accessible: It’s available for purchase online if you don’t want to make yours.
4, Safe to Use: Most Parchment papers are safe to use up to 420°F / 215°C in the oven. Most air fryer have their maximum temperature at 400°F so it's safe to use on your air fryers.
5, FDA approved: Most Parchment Papers are FDA approved. You can check to see if it’s indicated on the parchment box before purchase.
6, Help the Environment: You can use Eco friendly Parchment paper to make your own homemade/DIY perforated parchment sheets

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It's one of those accessories you can make at home as a DIY project. All you need is a few craft supplies and I am excited to show you exactly how to make it.  you can put parchment paper in an air fryer. It's helps with easy clean up and extends the life of the air fryer basket.However you shouldn't put it in there without any food on it to weigh it down. It's light weight so the air circulation in the air fryer will get flying around and it can get stuck in the element and ruin your air fryer.This means it should be used when you are ready to start cooking and not during the preheating stage for air fryers that need preheating      

air fryer disposable paper liner

2What is the Production Process of Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner?

Does the air fryer disposable liner produced automatically? Pls check below the air fryer disposable liners factory, there are totally 46 air fryer disposable liners heat to bowl shape together in order to save the cost,Well organized factory audit by BSCI, food grade. The material of air fryer disposable paper liner is generally made of 40G parchment paper, cut into a fixed size in 25pcs each batch, and then sealed with shrinks, directly to the air fryer paper liner machine, and the mold is with fixed size like 16inch, 20inch and 23inch also different For machines with different sizes, put the cutted parchment paper of a fixed size onto the air fryer disposable paper liner machine, and heated for 3-5 seconds to form. The normal forming batch is 25 sheets,so the packaging of air fryer liner is generally a multiple of 25 pcs. Holidaypac now 46 machines are put together to produce the air fryer disposable paper liner, a transfer conveyor is transported to the terminal, and the packer packs the air fryer disposable liner  one by one, which saves a lot of money!

air fryer liner factory

3What Are The Air Fryer Liner  Popular Size in the Market Now ? 

Amazon FBA limited packing size, most of our products are direct shipped to amazon, so the packing size is the most important, sowe always improve the packing qty in each master carton to savethe shipping cost, now each carton can load 120 bags which is the best packing compare with other supplier. pls see below our packing list details. Below is the present most popularair fryer liners in the market and also the different size with different pack information, pls check below the packing details! 



Product Name Qty/Bag

Bag Size


Master Carton




of a box


box weight



16" air fryer

disposable liner

50 pcs  24.5*23*5.3cm 120 bags 46*46*58cm 1.8g 135g 17.6kg
100 pcs  24.5*23*6cm 80 bags 46*46*58cm 1.8g 225g 19.4kg
125 pcs  24.5*23*6cm 72 bags 46*46*58cm 1.8g 270g 20.8kg



20" air fryer

disposable liner

50 pcs  28*25.5*6cm 92 bags 53*53*45cm 2.5g 188g 18.7kg
100 pcs  28*25.5*7cm 56 bags 53*53*45cm 2.5g 320g 19.3kg
125 pcs  28*25.5*7cm 52 bags 53*53*45cm 2.5g 383g 21.3kg



23" air fryer

disposable liner

50 pcs  31.2*29.2*7cm 40 bags 59*59*38cm 3g 240g 11kg
100 pcs  31.2*29.2*7cm 36 bags 59*59*38cm 3g 390g 15.4kg
125 pcs  31.2*29.2*7cm 36 bags 59*59*38cm 3g 450g 17.6kg



20" air fryer

disposable liner

50 pcs  26*24*5.7cm 80 bags 52*49*50cm 2.1g 165g 14.6kg
100 pcs  28*26*7.5cm 76 bags 52*49*50cm 2.1g 270g 21.8kg
125 pcs  28*26*7.5cm 62 bags 52*49*50cm 2.1g 323g 21.4kg



20" air fryer

disposable liner

50 pcs  29.2*27.2*7.5cm 60 bags 59*56*40cm 2.7g 220g 14.6kg
100 pcs  29.2*27.2*7.5cm 56 bags 59*56*40cm 2.7g 355g 21.3kg
125 pcs  29.2*27.2*7.5cm 48 bags 59*56*40cm 2.7g 422g 21.6kg

Tap Saure


20" air fryer

disposable liner

50 pcs  30*27.6*7.3cm 56 bags 59*56*40cm 3.2g 240g 14.5kg
100 pcs  30*27.6*7.3cm 40bags 59*56*40cm 3.2g 400g 17kg



20" air fryer

disposable liner

50 pcs  26*19*6cm 52 bags 59*45*40cm 2.5g 125g 11.34kg
60 pcs  26*19*6cm 52 59*45*40cm 2.5g 220g 12.8kg
100 pcs  26*19*6.5cm 48 59*45*40cm 2.5g 320g 16.8kg
120 pcs  26*19*6.5cm 48 59*45*40cm 2.5g 370g 19kg

1,OPP Bag: 50/100/1204150/200 each bag, the opp bag packing is cheaper, but some times the shape is not as good as blister packing. 
2, Blister Packing: 50/100/120/150/200 each bag, the blister packing is the economic way to pack, cause it can save the shipping cost 
3,Box Packing:  50/100/120 /150/200 each bag, the expensive packing way, and it is not good recormand!

air fryer liner packing

4,The disposable air fryer liner insert card can becustomized with your logo, once your order qtyincreased, if you are just start the project for the air fryer liner, maybe can use our ready design asbelow photo

5,Food Grade FDA Test Report Automatig production line,46 mashines to produce together in order tosave the labor cost.


5】Do you Know How To Inspect the Air Fryer Liner?  And Do You Know What Are The Excellent Air Fryer Liner Look Like? 
1, To use the scale to weigh the parchment paperweight. Usually the parchment paper for the air fryer liner is 40gsm.
2, To Check whether there is silicone oil coated, if with oil silicone coated, it is waterproof, oil proof, and nonstick. If without the silicone oil, the water will stick to the paper. 
3, To test whether the air fryer liner bowl is in good shape? You can see when you press the air fryer liner, it is stiff and does not extend. Then it is in good shape. Like the photo-packed in OPP bag, when you press, it is in good shape.      

how to test the air air fryer liner

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