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How to make Air fryer Perforated Parchment paper?


It’s one of those accessories you can make at home as a DIY project. All you need is a few craft supplies and I am excited to show you exactly how to make it.  you can put parchment paper in an air fryer. It's helps with easy clean up and extends the life of the air fryer basket.


However you shouldn't put it in there without any food on it to weigh it down. It's light weight so the air circulation in the air fryer will get flying around and it can get stuck in the element and ruin your air fryer.This means it should be used when you are ready to start cooking and not during the preheating stage (for air fryers that need preheating.)    


when you use the air fryer liner it will be benifits from below points


1, Easy Clean up: Using a parchment paper on your air fryer will help with easier clean up. It wouldn't keep all the grease from dripping onto the base but it would catch most of it making clean up less tedious.

2, Long term maintenance: Reduces wear and tear from constant scrubbing of the air fryer baskets and racks. It will help the non stick surface last longer.

3, Easily Accessible: It’s available for purchase online if you don’t want to make yours.

4, Safe to use: Most Parchment papers are safe to use up to 420°F / 215°C in the oven. Most air fryer have their maximum temperature at 400°F so it's safe to use on your air fryers.

5, FDA approved: Most Parchment Papers are FDA approve


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