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How to find a good cardboard display stand manufacturer?


The advantages of cardboard display racks are many, such as low cost and practicality, free design, flexible and beautiful colors, high advertising bearing effect, convenient transportation and packaging, environmental protection, and many other advantages, which have been favored by all walks of life. The cardboard display rack industry has undergone continuous development. And innovation, both in terms of quality and design has been greatly improved, and many cardboard display rack manufacturers have emerged. Among the many manufacturers, there will naturally be pros and cons. How to find a good cardboard display stand manufacturer?


Not every cardboard display stand manufacturer can make high-quality and inexpensive products. One of the important reasons is that the structure of the cardboard display stand is very complicated. Structural design is the soul of cardboard display racks. The shapes are ever-changing. Doing it with paper is a difficult problem. Considering that the cardboard has to be load-bearing, its structural requirements will also become very high. Therefore, to make a high-quality paper display stand, a good structural designer is essential. A good structure can do more with less.


How to find a good cardboard display stand manufacturer?


A good cardboard display stand manufacturer's computer is equipped with an automatic proofing machine, which improves the proofing efficiency and highlights structural optimization. Efficient manufacturers usually only need 1 to 3 days for proofing, while complex ones need about 3 days. If it is impossible to make samples for a long time, most of them do not have a proofing machine. There is no time to optimize the structure, the product should be average, especially those with complex structures.


The structural design of the cardboard display stands directly affects the quality. Paper is not like wood and iron. Proofing is what it looked like when it was produced. When the paper display stand is proofing, the paper has been mounted flat. Generally speaking, the effect of proofing is very good. When designing the structure of the cardboard display stand, it is necessary to consider the deformation during the production process, because the quality of the material directly affects the deformation and load-bearing capacity of the shelf. Low price is not the criterion for your order, it mainly depends on the quality of materials.


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