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5 production processes of cardboard display stand


Many brand manufacturers use paper display stands as promotional displays, and cardboard displays are widely used on various occasions and work well. The company's brand image, creating a festive atmosphere, and driving product sales are also very helpful. What are the 5 processes in the production of cardboard display stand manufacturers?


1. Designer design

The designer's design of the customer's own company or the designer's design of the cardboard display stand manufacturer. It is worth noting that designers need to have good spatial thinking and be familiar with working with 3D structures. The design process needs to be integrated with the product. According to the weight and volume of the product, the bearing capacity and space area of ​​the paper display stand is calculated.


5 production processes of cardboard display stand


2. Sample Cutting

Corrugated cardboard is usually used as the material for cardboard display stands, and the designed structural drawing data is input into the computer program of the sample cutting machine. According to the data requirements of the indentation force and half-cut depth in the structural graphics, a sample cutter is made on unprinted corrugated paper. Draw a standard paper display stand plan, and then the designer uses glue and other processing techniques to make the plan into a three-dimensional 3D display stand.


3. Printing

After the cardboard display stand is cut, it is necessary to print the paper display stand with a printing machine according to the customer's demand for patterns to highlight the personality and charm of the paper display stand. The film is printed on the press according to the graphic design draft of the cardboard display stand template.


4. Over-glued paper

Printing colored paper with glue, lamination (printing paper + corrugated paper), oiling, and indentation.


5. Assembly and reinforcement

Cardboard displays are produced as large piece of cardboard that needs to be assembled and then reinforced for weak spots. After the semi-finished paper display stand is assembled and reinforced, the product can be placed to become the finished product for display.


The above are the 5 production processes of cardboard display stands. The cardboard display stand has the advantages of environmental protection, space-saving, and cost-saving. It folds up when folded, both from a storage and transportation standpoint. The small size reduces shipping costs. If you need a custom cardboard display stand, welcome to contact us.

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