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The Psychological Element Of The Design And Positioning of Shop Display Stands


The psychological element of the design and positioning of the exquisite shop display stands -- feeling and perception

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The commercial exquisite shop display stands is a commercial activity with the main function of attracting, transmitting and communicating. The creation of its efficacy is closely related to the psychological factors of human beings. It is a process that from noted, knew, associated, liked, trusted to accepted. It is related to people\'s visual psychological feelings and reactions, and produces different psychological stereotypes. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand and study its laws to enhance the effectiveness of commercial exquisite shop display stands.

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Feeling is the reflection of the human brain\'s individual attributes of objective objects acting on different senses. Objective things directly affect the sensory organs, produce nerve impulses, and pass through the afferent nerves to the central nervous system to cause feelings. Feeling is the beginning of people\'s understanding of things. It is also a basic psychological process. All higher-level and more complex psychological activities are based on feelings. Perception is a direct reflection of human beings and objective objects directly acting on the senses. In the process of perception, the human brain will directly act on the stimulation of sensory organs into the whole experience. Perception is the reflection of individual to the objective things and physical state. It depends to a large extent on the person\'s subjective attitude and past shop display stands knowledge experience.

People\'s attitudes and needs have certain tendentiousness, and the accumulation of knowledge and experience makes the perception richer, more precise and more comprehensible. If there is no perception of individual attributes can be reflected, there will not be sense of reflecting things. Therefore, perception with shop display stands is based on the sensation.

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