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What is lamination?

  • What is lamination?

Laminating is a main process of post-printing ,which is a plastic film coated with a binder, and the paper print is heated and pressed together with the printed paper to form a paper-plastic product.

  • Lamination used in?

Laminated has been widely used in the cover of the books, pictures, albums, postcards, product brochures, calendars and maps for surface mounting and protection. At present, common film-covered packaging products include cartons, packaging boxes, display stands, handbags, fertilizer bags, seed bags, self-adhesive labels, and so on.

  • What is the beneficial after lamination?

After the lamination,printed papers have a thin and transparent plastic film on the surface,and the surface is smoother and brighter than before lamination. This not only improves the glossiness and fastness of the prints, but also prolongs the service life of the paper products.
At the same time, the plastic film plays a role in moisture-proofing, Waterproof, antifouling, wear-resisting, folding-resistant, chemical-resistant and other protective effects.

  • What is the difference between glossy and matte ?

If the film is covered with glossy lamination, the printed images of the paper products are more vivid in color and will show people a three-dimensional appearance of that paper products, which is particularly suitable for the packaging of products such as green foods, it can cause people\'s desire for appetite and consumption.
If covered with a matte lamination , the covered product will give the consumer a noble and elegant feeling. Therefore, the packaged printed product can significantly improve the grade and added value of product packaging.

glossy and matte

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