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Did you think about how can small supermarkets/retail shop be designed to attract your customer?


Small supermarkets are retail outlets that have a commercial area of 100 square meters or less and sell popular products in the form of open shelves. How do small supermarkets / retail stores design their designs to attract consumers\' attention and retain consumer input?

Some business owners might believe that success depends solely and firmly on the selection and price of the product. While it is true that these factors are essential to attract customers to your door and convince them to buy, would you believe it if we told them that there is much more to tell?

The presentation of an attractive, logical and easy-to-use visualization system facilitates each step of the process. Running an attractive store means much more than putting things on shelves or shelves. But how do you do that?

Pls check below answer:

1. Shop design

The design of small supermarkets/retail shop requires a simple, elegant and striking appearance. First of all, there should be a beautiful and elegant sign, and the name of the store on the sign should reflect the positioning and features of the supermarket. For example, a small supermarket open in the community may use the name of the community in which the store name is used to give customers a sense of intimacy.
The showcase is a silent advertisement that shows merchandise and attracts customers. If conditions permit, both sides of the glass doors can be designed on both sides of the door of the small supermarket store, and the current month and the recommended merchandise will be displayed carefully to attract customers to stop watching and buying.

2. Interior decoration

The interior of a small supermarket must be practical, simple and generous. Walls and ceilings are dominated by simple and clear objectives; The floor is designed with moisture-resistant, non-slip and durable tiles.

3. ATM configuration

The cash register is usually located near the entrance to the store, and its color can be clear and eye-catching to attract the attention of customers. You can place some of the top selling items with the highest markup next to the cash register. Customers can easily buy these small items while waiting for their departure.

4. Shelf positioning

When placing the shelves, you can place 3 rows directly on the 3 walls of the store to have the shape of "doors", then place 3 to 6 rows depending on the space of the store to perform an orderly vertical evacuation. Around 1.5 meters between the shelves. The shelves are placed at the outermost end of the store door and the terminal heads and vertical shelves are complementary. The end should be about 2 meters from the door of the store, leaving a position for the head of the pile. When designing the position of the supports, consciously use the shelves to divide the products. During zoning, be sure to place the shelves where the best selling products are displayed near the store entrance. The storage mode between shelves and shelves must be unlocked. Do not make the guests feel crowded. Make sure that customers can buy products easily.

5. Commodity display

To be placed regularly, the general appearance, the coordination and the shape of the colors.
Products should be easy to see, small supermarkets are displayed mainly on the shelves. In general, according to a person\'s horizontal line of sight, a distance of 10 degrees above the horizontal line of sight at 20 degrees below the horizontal line of sight is an easily visible area, and it is preferable that the product be placed in this interval. The products displayed on the shelves of small supermarkets should be easily accessible to adults and the shelves for children\'s toys should be properly lowered to ensure that the products are within reach of children.
With vivid screens, common methods of displaying merchandise are often tasteless. If products are displayed vividly, they can attract customers\' attention and promote sales. In addition, the intelligent use of some auxiliary tools, such as a display shelf with functionality, can make the product more three-dimensional and lively, making the store more personalized.

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