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As a veteran Retail Display Stand company in China that produces environmentally friendly products, we have always been concerned about the public welfare of the elderly and children.

Last week, we donated paper-based eco-friendly houses to several kindergartens around Xiamen.This house is our newly developed, stable, fun, and conducive to the development of children's intelligence. Children can draw and write on the paper house and play in the house. The house is very light and can be moved freely. The safety performance is very good and it guarantees the safety of the children. To our surprise, paper play houses are very popular among children.

According to the reflection of kindergarten teachers, the children are very happy to receive such a wonderful gift. All afternoon, a group of children sat around the cardboard playhouse. The children used a small brush to build a piece of land on their white house. We were very happy to see the smiles of the children in the video.

Seeing that the children liked it, Holiday retail display stands company decided to donate some cardboard playhouse to kindergartens on a regular basis, just to make the children happy.

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