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Retail Ready Packaging - What is it and Key Characteristics?


Retail ready packaging also known as shelf-ready packaging refers to the packaging of retail products which can be cleanly transported with no external packaging. This packaging is eco-friendly and can store a large number of products at once.

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) makes the transition from pack-out to delivery to installation smooth. Shelf ready packaging provides several benefits for not only the supplier but the retailer and consumer as well.

Increasing in popularity among big box chains is retail-ready packaging (RRP). A retail-ready package refers to secondary packaging that is branded appropriately to be able to move to retail shelves in a quick, “one touch” movement. RRP should be intentionally designed to self-contain individually packaged products, this eliminates the need for stock workers to unpack and individually display each product. This comes as a huge advantage to the big box retailers like Walmart or Kroger, because it reduces labor by cutting out the need for workers to unpack or hang individually packaged items.

The key characteristics of retail-ready packaging are:
• Easy to identify - RRPs must be easy to identify on a crowded congested storage shelves, and they must have recognizable labeling.
• Easy to open - Store associates must be able to open the RRP quickly and without the use of a knife, whenever possible.
• Easy to stock - RRPs must be simple enough to allow all employees to quickly replenish shelves. The retail-ready package dimensions should match the shelf they are being displayed on.
• Easy to shop - Customers must be able to conceptualize and access the product, with no barriers such as folded flaps or wrapping.


• Easy to dispose - RRPs should be manufactured from a paper-based material whenever possible to allow for recycling at the end of life.



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