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Do you know these logos used frequently on products packaging?


When we buy goods,almost all products are packaged.Although product packaging is very common in our daily life, do we really know it?Do you know what the special logos in the printed box stand for?As follows ,Holiday will make an explanation to you on the logos commonly used on the product packaging :

For recyclable packaging containers, the corresponding recycling logo should be printed on the packaging as required. The packaging boxes that are produced with different materials have different materials of recyclable logos. For example, the most common packaging materials: paper, plastic, aluminum and so on.



Paper Suitable for recyclable paper packaging, such as: express corrugated boxes, paper product boxes, handbags and so on.


Plastic Suitable for recyclable plastic packaging, plastic packaging bottles, plastic packaging boxes, plastic handbags and so on.


FSC Logo

The FSC is called the Forest Stewardship Council, which is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting globally socially responsible forest management. The task of FSC aims to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management activities. FSC-certified packaging materials don\'t damage the earth\'s ecology, either from raw materials or from the production process. If the FSC logo is printed on the packaging box, it means that the raw materials have been certified by the organization and are made of very environmentally friendly materials.


CE Logo

The CE logo represents the safety and conformity , which means that the product wont endanger the safety of human and animal. Although CE certification is not mandatory at home, it is the main requirement that forms the core of the European Directive. If the product needs to be exported to European countries while being sold in China, the product must pass the CE certification, and the CE logo should be printed on the package.


The logo on the box can not be printed casually. It should be printed according to the actual situation of the product and the package. Understanding the meaning of these logos on the boxes can help you make the right choices when shopping or sorting garbage.

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