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HolidayPac packaging Story

We identified a need to create an environmental friendly packaging that was available in low volume orders. There is a growing demand for the replacement of plastic packaging. Molded pulp packaging offer excellent protection, are eco friendly and are extremely cost effective. Holiday Pac Group located in China is able to produce pulp packaging insert in bulk and cater to all specifications. Further, our unique manufacturing process allows us to produce both small and large volume orders to the same exceptional standards.

Holidaypac Pulp packaging

Our Vision :Create a eco-friendly packaging world to substitute the harmful plastic packaging

Our Mission :To provide biodegradable packaging at an affordable price point

Why choose holiday pac Pulp packaging instead of Plastic packaging

Environmentally Friendly

Holidaypac packaging are made from 100% recycled newsprint, is 100% recyclable and compostable. Each packaging is embossed with a Recycle Logo for proper after use disposal.

pulp packaging inserts


Holidaypac Packaging are designed to be nested and stacked. This results in massive savings in storage and transportation costs for our clients.

Low Volume

Holidaypac are the only company that specializes in low volume inserts. Our clients range from large multinationals to small business owners that are looking for ways to improve their environmental footprint with a great packaging solution.

Lowest Cost Setup

Holidaypac Pulp Packaging have created a business to cater to low volume orders. This includes the lowest cost design, setup and molds in the industry.


Shipping is included in the price of our inserts because we are usually not located in your City. We include freight in the cost of our pulp molded inserts. This allows us to achieve the lowest cost all the way to your door and remove all hidden costs.

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