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Christmas paper decorative post box is a very creative Christmas decoration that can be used with Christmas trees and other decorative items!

cardboard pos displays Can convey your blessing very well! She is a very meaningful Christmas decoration gift!

cardboard pos displays

This post can be used for Christmas home decoration, event decoration, such as school activities, children can put their blessings in the paper box.

In the inside, you can also put the small gift you want to put in the mailbox! This little postbox is a good pass for your precious blessings!

cardboard pos displays

Of course, this paper cylinder can also be used in some other activities, such as large-scale events in the mall, so that you can collect the information you want, such as feedback on the event, the expected effect of the event, etc.!

Different application scenarios have different application effects, and the printed content can be customized! Easy to use and easy to assemble cardboard pos display!

Christmas cardboard pos display

The paper shelf is mainly composed of printing paper and high-hardness corrugated cardboard. The structure is sufficient to carry all kinds of promotional goods.

The load capacity of the paper shelf is up to 60kgs, and it meets strict environmental protection requirements;

cardboard pos displays

Christmas is not just a day for us to cheer, it is also our shopping festival. When we bless each other, we also want to make our products more visible.

We can use this Christmas post to promote our products and blessings to others. Print our products and brand information to let more customers know about our existence.

During the Christmas season, we can enjoy the fun of the promotion. Cardboard pos displays , you deserve it!

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