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Founded in 2014, Shenzhen Holiday Packaging & Display Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trade integrated service enterprise that produces environmentally-friendly paper packaging and merchandise display. The main categories are custom pop display,paper display stands, packaging boxes, stickers, Advertising posters and group assembly goods, etc., we are committed to creating paper products, perfect display of your products, brought into the family, business, local and even the world, let the paper pass the world you want to express! The company\'s core values are: Show your products in perfect packaging!

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First, the power of industry and trade. After more than 10 years, the company has remained unchanged since the beginning of the year. There are now four companies, namely Xiamen Holiday Paper Products Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hengfeng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., Xiamen Huali Sida Import & Export Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Holiday Packaging Display Co., Ltd.

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Second, green environmental protection first. We adhere to the concept of environmental degradation, continue to innovate, carefully select raw materials, accelerate green upgrades, deepen the potential of paper products, and create quality products that are reusable, easy to disassemble, easy to degrade, easy to carry, and rich in display. Come back to nature and promote the progress of environmental protection.

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Third, establish the Holiday brand. Existing products: "promotion", "paper pet", "propos", "cardboard farm", respectively, represent promotional display stands, paper storage supplies, paper educational toys, paper packaging, paper furniture, etc.! Every family, every company, every organization can use Holiday paper products to better reduce sales costs and meet promotional needs, creating a cleaner and more beautiful environment.

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Paper is a very good material. The ancient paper making used to write records and spread civilization; modern paper shoulders the mission of protecting the earth and saving the environment. Holiday(LANSHOW) is the value of making every piece of paper, creating and precipitating paper. More customers use every paper product custom pop display to enrich and show quality life.

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