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Do you know what the Walmart PDQ Display Rules?


    PDQ displays, which stand for "Pretty Darn Quick" or "Product Display Quickly," are commonly used in retail stores like Walmart to showcase products effectively. These displays are usually compact, eye-catching, and designed to attract customer attention quickly.


    As we delve into the world of retail merchandising, it's crucial to understand the strategic placement and presentation of products in stores like Walmart . PDQ displays, known for their effectiveness in capturing customer attention, play a pivotal role in this arena. Let's explore the four essential rules that govern Walmart's approach to PDQ displays, ensuring optimal visibility, impact, and customer engagement.


PDQ Display Rules | Rule 1 -Deliver the Message

    PDQ Displays are designed to deliver a compelling message while enhancing the in-store shopping experience. Messages on these displays, such as Walmart Price transparency, showcasing value, and highlighting functional retail design, are strategically crafted to meet customers' needs and engage them effectively. Whether through education, inspiration, or demonstration, PDQ Displays aim to create a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey for every customer.

PDQ Display Rule 1 Deliver the Message

PDQ Display Rules Rule 2 - Display Integrity

A PDQ Display must be designed with a balance ofmaterials to maintain structural integrity for product sizeand weight.

        Keep PDQ Display design within specifications.

        Always think of customer and associate safety.

        Match PDQ Display to Supply Chain performancerequirements.

        PDQ Display must withstand customer shoppingwithout damage.

Corrugated Board Grade

   Corrugated PDQ Displays are required to be produced from ECT32 board or stronger. They must never be built with a weaker material for use in Walmart Stores Larger and heavier products may require heavier grades Proper design and testing should be done with the actual product merchandised within the display to ensure that the proper the grade is selected.

      Minimum Material Specifications

        Light to medium weight merchandise= 175# Mullen (Burst)"B" Flute

        Medium to heavier weight merchandise= 200# Mullen (Burst)"B" Flute

NOTE: "E" or "F" Flute Corrugated must NOT be used for the display structure. These materials are better suited for primary packaging or lug-ons.


PDQ Display Rule 2  Display Integrity

PDQ Display Rules |Rule 3 -Goal Post Price Sign

    All PDQ Pallet Displays at Walmart must include an effective method for holding a Goal Post Price Sign, which is available in-store. Vendors or Suppliers are responsible for providing a complete PDQ Pallet Display that includes a means of securing a Goal Post Pole. Examples of acceptable methods include a pop-out corrugated bracket, a hole through the center of the display, or a triangle hole in the back corner of trays leading to the bottom tray.

    The Goal Post Pole size should have an outside diameter of 13/16" to 1". It's crucial to place the Goal Post pole within the body of the display and not outside, as this can lead to instability or damage. All PDQ Pallet Displays should be clearly marked with "insert Goal Post Here" instructions for store associates to ensure proper placement of the Goal Post Price Sign.

PDQ Display Rule 3 Goal Post Price Sign

PDQ Display Rules | Rule 4 -Product Turn

    Quantities shipped must align with expected sales velocity to ensure optimal Product Turn and prevent overloading stores with excess inventory. Inventory turnover, also known as inventory turns or stock turnover, measures how quickly inventory is sold or used within a specific time period. It is calculated by dividing the cost of goods sold or net sales by the average inventory. This concept is crucial when shipping merchandise to Walmart stores, as it helps maintain efficient inventory management and a balanced store environment.

PDQ Display Rule 4 -Product Turn

    In conclusion, Walmart's PDQ displays are governed by four essential rules that ensure optimal visibility, impact, and customer engagement. By delivering clear pricing information, showcasing value, emphasizing functional retail design, and aligning quantities with expected sales velocity, these displays contribute to a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers while maintaining efficient inventory management. Embracing these rules helps Walmart stores create a dynamic and customer-centric retail environment.

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