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How To Test The Design Structure Of Food And Beverage Display Racks ?


Even if there is no customized experience, the design structure of the food and beverage display racks is very important. The number of products placed must be displayed steadily. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the food and beverage display stand has good stability. Then how can the customer verify the customized food and beverage display? Is the rack durable?

food-beverage- display- racks

  1. processing method

The processing method may be integrated welding, or it may be screw assembly. Generally, manufacturers will add the fixing frame in order to increase the stability of the food and beverage display stand.

  2. Material selection

The materials used in the design of metal food and beverage display racks are generally cold-rolled steel sheets, cold-drawn steel wires, back-grid, etc.. Whlie the thickness of cold-rolled steel sheets and cold-drawn steel wires are inconsistent, and this must be observed in the inspection room.

  3. Surface treatment

The surface treatment of food and beverage display racks is generally treated by electrostatic spray treatment or baking finish. The surface is smooth and bright, and there is no burr. Therefore, when purchasing food and beverage display racks, customers must ask the manufacturer about the materials, processing methods and surface treatment process. Generally good quality food and beverage display stand can be used for 7-10 years.

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