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Holiday Display Stands Manufacturer Has Moved To New Office!


Holiday display stands factory is a professional cardboard display,wire display,wooden display manufacturer In China.

On September 20th, Holiday company moved to a new office and held an opening ceremony for celebrating this big day, which is also a witness of Holiday history.

Holiday display stand
The new office locates in the most prosperous area in Longhua District---Dalang Comercial Centre, where convenience is shown in every aspects--the public transportations, shopping, exercising, partying, dining, etc.

Thanks for our friends coming from afar--

Our creative office~

All working desks are made of paper.

The staff wearing our beautiful uniform~

Guess what meeting are we having on the first working day of this office~

The sales manager Teresa is calling to her customer~

Look at this charming lady Linda~

And our excellant trainee Winne~

Trainee Olivia~

Our handsome Network Operator David Zhong~

The decoration and furniture of Holiday Shenzhen new office are all made of cardboard, which are also our products——cardboard furniture and cardboard display! Such as our company logo,the book shelf, sofa, table,display cabinet, and working desks.


The reception area--sofa, table and chairs are all made of cardboard.

The company logo and slogan are all cardboard-made.

The display case for the plants--

The decoration—two deers eat the grass.

The book shelf and chairs for meeting.

Shenzhen new office add.—Room 306, 6th Building,Tongfuyu Industrial Area,Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City,China.
Office Tel.— +86189 0246 8675
Come and have a look at our creative products --cardboard furniture and cardboard display

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