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Benefits of Custom Cardboard Floor Displays


Cardboard floor display stands can display various goods, making promotions in all walks of life seem more convenient. Customized cardboard floor displays can be used more purposefully. They can display a variety of products, but also suitable for a variety of occasions, also to meet some special needs of customers.


Custom cardboard floor display stands are the first choice of major brands for retail shelving. Everyone wants to have multiple uses while minimizing production costs and making it easier for them to operate, and display stands are no exception. It is the simplest multifunctional display stand for stationery, cigarettes, chewing gum, lipstick, nail polish, etc. It can also be placed on the tabletop or wall hanging.


Custom Cardboard Floor Displays


A custom cardboard floor display is a bit more complicated than a regular display stand. The designer first made the renderings according to the actual requirements of the guests. On this basis, after continuous discussions and revisions, the display stand was finally formed.


Custom cardboard floor displays are used in a variety of ways, both functionally and structurally. The versatility of these shelves is more akin to Lego bricks. Completely different display stands can be achieved using other assembly methods and accessories. Lastly is the brand. In addition to promoting merchandise sales, it can also do brand promotion.


Holidaypac is a professional cardboard display stand manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing cardboard POP displays, including floor displays. If you have purchase needs, please contact us.

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