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Why Is Holiday Free Standing Display Units (Fsdu) So Trusted By Customers


    Machinery or Technology Used


    Production Experience:

  • Printing, mounting, lamination, diecut, co-packing, loading, shipment

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control

  • 3 QC, peron, quality check at each process

  • Quality Certifications


  • certification

    Quality Control Procedures

  • Material quality check: including size, material thickness, qty

  • Printing Process:When printing we will check every 3mins to ensure the color is the same in a lot. Once finish printing, tick out the printing defects one by one, qty check.

  • Quality check after finished: We will check the printing defects, gluing dots, bended items, or cardboard broken items, the glue position wrong items etc. qty check.

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