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Our Product PDQ(product display quickly) Introduction


PDQ Display - Definition

A PDQ (Product Displayed Quickly) is a corrugated display (pallet or tray) used to hold multiple pieces of merchandise for quick stocking and restocking of the sales floor. It can also contain a space for marketing product information and price impression to help the customer understand the value of the product.




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PDQ Objective

The Objective of a PDQ Display is to move merchandise from the receiving dock to the sales floor or shelf in the most efficient, timely and cost effective manner, freeing store associates to focus their efforts on the customer.


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Number of Touches

Store associates are responsible for placing a PDQ Display on the shelf or floor. The display setup, along with removal of shipper and any other shipping materials, must be accomplished with the minimum number of steps and actions or “Touches.” The ideal scenario is easy removal from shipper and placement on the shelf.


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PDQ is sustainable

Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. As an eco-friendly business, our actions have the potential to save our customers money and help ensure a better world for generations to come. At the same time, it sets the stage for a more financially stable and responsible Holidaypac.


PDQ is sustainable






Safety Statement

The one critical area that must be considered with each display design is safety. When a display fails in transit, in the distribution channels or on the retail floor, customer and associate safety is at risk. We will be strictly adhering to all design information provided in this document as a way to minimize failures and maximize safety. If there are any questions or concerns along these lines, we will default to what is safest for all concerned.







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