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Cardboard Display And Corrugated Packaging Industry Will Have “A Prominent Increasing Chance”

According to the white paper on the development trend of paper packaging to 2019 issued by foreign companies, the growth of paper packaging is a key driver of GDP growth, which changes the population structure, sustainable development and recyclable utilization, technological progress, and continuously promotes the added value and the innovation of luxury packaging.

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In the past, cardboard display and cardboard didn’t gain much concerns. Lots of people believe that it would be better to focus on the development of plastic packing instead of paper packaging. However, the report show that, in 2013 cardboard display and cardboard take up 35% of word packing sales, reaching to 280 billion.
Investigators address it is a rising trend that paper gain more and more attention, gradually considered as a sustainable, attractive material which can be applied to more fields to serve customers and innovate painting. A survey indicate 25% male and 33% female said that they will consider more about the problem of recycling the packaging when they are shopping.
In the luxury packing market, the large value of the cardboard display and cardboard market share is increasing year by year at the annual rate of 4.4%.

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Investigators said, the momentum of digital printing is emerging. At present, offset printing is applied to 75% carton packaging, gravure printing is applied to 16%. and 76% corrugated packaging use flexible printing technology. Digital printing is still in its infancy in the packaging market, according to the report. Hopefully, over the next few years, it will have a huge impact, which will also drive more personalized packaging. But this also require more market investment.

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