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Factors to Consider When Placing a Display Stand


In the design of the supermarket display stand, the first thing to consider is the display effect. Today's consumers always pay attention to the quality and beauty of the display rack when using it. Few people will mention where to place, and a supermarket use the display should understand the layout of the display rack. The overall visual experience of the supermarket is more beautiful and feels better. And we will show you the factors when placing the display stand we have to consider below:

  • I. Height and width. Regarding the height and width of the display stand, depends on how big the store is?
  • For example: in a 100 square meter supermarket, it is not suitable for a display rack which is too tall or too wide. It is recommended that the height be no more than 2.2 meters and the width should not exceed 45cm, because it is too high or too wide to be disproportionate. Of course, referring to the per capita height of each country, the overall average height of people in Europe will be higher than the height of our Chinese, and our display height can also be appropriately higher;

  • II. Designing the length and width with reference to the golden ratio (√5-1)/2 can form a beauty that combines with reason.
  • The layout of the display stand is also crucial. What is especially important is the placement and size of the checkout counter. This requires a little knowledge of Fengshui. The back of the checkout counter is a solid wall. The size of the checkout counter is in proportion. Too long and too small are asymmetrical or directly lead to changes in the gas field. Then, affecting people's moods in a subtle way will indirectly affect the good and bad of the business. Of course, there are also very well-placed styles and colors. Therefore, the choose of cashier also has to pay great attention.

  • III. The distance between the display stands and the placement of dump bin are also particularly important.
  • According to the size of the mall, the distance is well coordinated. When you look at Carrefour's display stand, they must put the special price display stand in a remote place. Then, they will post a large instruction chart on the ground to tell the customer where their bargain product is. It's not hard to find out that their shopping carts are particularly large, because they know how to catch customers' mentality. All customers don't just buy the products they need, they buy the products they want. Therefore, an oversized shopping cart can help customers buy their products much more and more quickly.

    Based on the above three points, it is very important to determine the layout of the display rack in different layouts. Of course, our supermarket display stand factory can also give customers better suggestions based on customer preferences.

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