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The Advantages of Using Paper Display Stands for Cosmetics

With the time developing, to increase sales, the cosmetics industry is also coming into use paper display stands as a tool for terminal display marketing. So what are the advantages of using paper display stands for cosmetics?

  • Green and environmental protection
  • The paper display stand is a kind of green product, which is in line with the requirements of international environmental protection organizations. The discarded paper display stand can be reused by recycling and refining. It has been a international trend, the paper display stands import and export can exempt from inspection and simplify procedures. Cosmetics industry also pursues the concept of green and environmental protection as well as harmony between human and nature. Therefore, the use of paper display stands for cosmetics conforms to the needs of the times.

  • Advertising effect
  • Paper display stands have advertising value. If marketing is a form of language art then that is visual art of using the medium to spread information! The best medium to intuitively convey consumers the visual information is the POP advertising tool - the paper display stand. On the surface of the paper display stand, you can design a copy and slogan that conforms to the personality of the cosmetics. The printed paper display stand is exquisite, which can highlight the charm of the cosmetics and catch the customers' eyes, that is, the effectiveness of POP advertising. The propaganda of the paper display stand can help create a cosmetic enterprise brand in the terminal, improve the corporate image, and can create high sales.

  • High quality and good price
  • Compared with the similar metal display stand, wooden display stand and plexiglass display stand, the effect of the paper display stand is equivalent or better, and it can be used with other materials organically, but the product price is far lower than that of similar materials.

  • Fast and convenient
  • When cosmetics need to be displayed in the terminal, the paper display stand must be the smallest and lightest among the similar display equipment. Detachable and foldable, and you can put a complete set of paper holders in the same box to ensure easily install in the store. In cargo transportation, it has the unparalleled advantage. Packing the paper display rack into the standard cabinet with cardboard box, which can make the full use of space, saving logistics cost. Reducing the collision of cosmetics due to irregularities, ensured the integrity and aesthetics of each product. Not to mention the storage, it is easy to place and move.

  • Flexible and personalized
  • The tools to load cosmetics are updated as the trend of cosmetics updates. The paper display stand can be masterly customized according to the product with its flexibility and unique characteristics, as to that, it is ever-changing ,and it can perfectly load and display. It is also possible to develop and create new styles for cosmetics with the permission of technology.

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