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Embracing Tradition: Celebrating Double Ninth Festival


The Double Ninth Festival, also known as Chongyang Festival, holds a special place in Chinese culture as a day to pay homage to the elderly and enjoy the beauty of autumn. With its rich history and meaningful traditions, this festival provides a wonderful opportunity for families and communities to come together, honoring the wisdom of the older generation while reveling in the splendor of nature. In this blog post, let's explore the significance of the Double Ninth Festival and the various ways it is celebrated.


Embracing Tradition: Celebrating Double Ninth Festival


⚙Significance of Double Ninth Festival:


The Double Ninth Festival falls on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month, typically occurring in October of the Gregorian calendar. The number nine is considered auspicious in Chinese culture, symbolizing longevity and eternity. The festival is an occasion to show respect and gratitude to the elderly, reinforcing the importance of filial piety. It is also a time to enjoy outdoor activities and appreciate the changing colors of autumn, reinforcing the harmony between humans and nature.


Embracing Tradition: Celebrating Double Ninth Festival


⚙Traditional Customs:


Climbing Mountains: One popular tradition during the Double Ninth Festival is climbing mountains. Families and friends gather to hike up hills or mountains, appreciating the scenic beauty and breathing in the fresh autumn air. Climbing symbolizes overcoming challenges and reaching new heights in life.


Wearing Cornus: People wear zhuyu (cornel or dogwood) to ward off evil spirits and promote good health. The bitter taste of zhuyu is believed to repel negative energy and bring blessings.


Embracing Tradition: Celebrating Double Ninth Festival


Drinking Chrysanthemum Wine: Chrysanthemum is a flower associated with longevity and vitality. Drinking chrysanthemum wine on this day is a common practice, believed to enhance one's well-being.


Enjoying Chongyang Cake: Chongyang cake, made with various nuts and seeds, is a traditional delicacy prepared for the festival. It is not only delicious but also carries symbolic meanings of good fortune and family unity.


Embracing Tradition: Celebrating Double Ninth Festival


⚙Modern Celebrations:


In modern times, the Double Ninth Festival is celebrated in various ways. Families often gather for special meals, honoring the elderly members of the family. Younger generations express their love and respect by presenting gifts and spending quality time with their grandparents.


Additionally, community events, cultural performances, and traditional arts and crafts exhibitions are organized, fostering a sense of community and preserving the cultural heritage associated with the festival.


Embracing Tradition: Celebrating Double Ninth Festival




The Double Ninth Festival serves as a reminder of the importance of family, tradition, and the natural world. As we celebrate this special day, let us embrace the wisdom of our elders, enjoy the beauty of autumn, and strengthen the bonds that unite us as a community. By cherishing our cultural heritage, we can create lasting memories and pass down meaningful traditions to future generations, ensuring that the spirit of the Double Ninth Festival continues to thrive.


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