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Why Are Catering Box and Grazing Box Becoming More and More Popular?


A catering tray is a large, rectangular or circular platter used for serving food at events or gatherings. It is often used by catering companies or restaurants to transport and display appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

To use a catering tray, the food is arranged in an attractive and organized manner on the tray, and then it is transported to the event or served to guests at the location. Depending on the type of food being served, the tray may be covered with a lid or a clear plastic wrap to keep the food fresh and prevent contamination.

When serving food from a catering tray, it is important to use appropriate serving utensils, such as tongs or a serving spoon, to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. 

grazing box


Grazing box "is a kind of food collocation box, which usually contains various kinds of snacks, fruits, vegetables, meat and so on." With the increasing demand for healthy diet and convenient food, this kind of food box is becoming more and more popular. On social media, many people like Instagram and Pinterest share photos of grazing box they made or bought, indicating that more and more people like this food collocation method. In addition, many catering companies have begun to provide grazing box service to meet the needs of customers.


Platter box


Therefore, it can be said that grazing box has become a popular food choice in recent years. Platter box is a kind of food box similar to grazing box, which usually contains different kinds of delicious food, such as cheese, biscuits, fruits, meat, vegetables and so on. This kind of box is designed to provide convenient food collocation choices, suitable for various occasions, such as parties, office lunches, picnics and so on. In recent years, the trend of platter box is gradually rising, and more and more people begin to pay attention to healthy diet, food collocation and convenience. This kind of food box just meets these needs. In addition, due to the influence of COVID-19 epidemic, more people choose to get together at home or outdoors, so the demand for platter box has also been improved. On social media, people also began to share their own photos of platter box, which increased the exposure of this gourmet box. Therefore, it can be said that platter box may continue to maintain its trend in the future.


Platter box

Besides grazing box and platter box, there are many other types of food boxes that have been widely recognized and used in the market. Here are some examples: Bento box: a traditional lunch box originated in Japan, which usually contains rice, vegetables and meat or fish. Snack box: It is similar to grazing box, but pays more attention to the types and tastes of snacks, and usually contains various snacks, such as potato chips, biscuits and nuts. Meal prep box: It aims to provide convenient and healthy meals for busy people, usually including various staple foods, protein and vegetables. Dessert box: similar to snack box, but more attention is paid to the types and tastes of desserts and sweets.


grazing box

These food boxes have different characteristics and purposes, so you can choose the right food box according to your personal preferences and needs. In addition to different types of food boxes, there are still some new trends that are rising, changing people's needs and expectations for food boxes. Here are some examples:

1.Sustainability: More and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the sustainability of food boxes. They prefer to use boxes made of reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to reduce the burden on the environment.

2.Personalization: People increasingly hope that their food boxes can be customized to meet their own tastes and needs. Some catering companies began to provide customized food box services, allowing consumers to freely choose the size of the box, the type and quantity of food.

3.Social media: Food boxes are increasingly becoming a hot topic on social media. People share photos of boxes they made or bought to show their creativity and taste, and also increase the exposure for the promotion and marketing of food boxes.

4.Nutritional value: With the increasing demand for healthy diet, some food boxes begin to focus on providing more protein, fiber and other nutrients. The design of these boxes pays more attention to a balanced and healthy diet. These new trends provide more possibilities for the development of food boxes, and also reflect consumers' pursuit of health, individuality and sustainability.


grazing box

8 grid white  grazing box                                      8 grid black grazing box                                8 grid kraft grazing box



grazing box

10 grid white  grazing box                          10 grid black grazing box                   10grid kraft grazing box

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