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The Production Process of LANSHOW Cardboard Display Stand


We(Holiday) use cardboard display stand for our retail promotional activity, but do you know how to make a racks? From a paper to a display stand, there are a wonderful process for us.

Here let us show you what\'s the step of producing a display stand.

1. Designing: the design of the paper shelf (paper display stand) requires the designer to be familiar with the 3D structure work,

and consider the weight and volume of the goods to calculate the bearing capacity and space area of the paper shelf (paper display stand).

cardboard display stand

2. Sample: paper shelves (paper display stand) generally use non-printing corrugated paper materials according to the design structure map data input into the computer cutting machine,

cutting opportunities according to the structural drawings required indentation strength and half-knife depth, made in no printing corrugated paper The standard flat paper shelf (paper display stand),

the designer uses glue to paste and other processes, and the template can be matched with the design structure to complete the next step.

retail display stand

3. Printing: according to the paper design of the paper shelf (paper display stand) model, printed on the film .

cardboard display rack

4. The post-process: printing color paper pass glue, crepe paper (printing paper + corrugated paper), oil, indentation.

cardboard display stand

5. Packaging: semi-finished paper shelves (paper display stand) for assembly, reinforcement, and reloading finished products.

merchandise displaying

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