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Custom cosmetic packaging boxes use to store and sell cosmetic products.These are very common in the market and rightfully so 

as they are multipurpose and a great marketing tool.Shenzhen Holiday Package&Display Co.,Ltd has in the field of packaging since 

2010,working with many cosmetic and makeup brands.We know what customers concern most and can provide high quality and 

safe packaging solutions.



       Unique packaging with custom design and print increase the worth of the cosmetic brand.Use custom packaging design and 

       styles to impress your customers.The packaging is exceptional and customers are getting a very high-class shopping experience 

       from your brand products.


       Packing and exhibiting the products in innovative custom cosmetic boxes can stand out your products from the competition.With 

       the help of creative design and amazing texture,style and print,your products will be high in demand and ultimately sales wiill go up.


Cosmetic Boxes

perfume boxes-1Nail Polish box-1Lipstick box

                Perfume Boxes                         Nail Polish Boxes                            Lipstick Boxes

Skincare boxsoap boxescandle boxes

          Skincare Boxes                               Soap Boxes                                 Candle Boxes

Cosmetics Gift Box Packaging Structure

Professional customization of all kinds of cosmetics packaging boxes.Can be placed in bottles, cans, tube cosmetics, lining 

can be customized.Cosmetics box packaging according to the concept of cosmetics brand and consumer groups, select a 

variety of materials, the use of film, bronzing, UV printing, concave-convex embossing and other processing technologies.

The same series of cosmetics box set, pattern design style is natural.All cosmetic packaging boxes are in line with the brand 

positioning and have a strong identification.

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