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Common Mistakes in Retail Display Designs and How to Avoid Them


In today's society, the competition in the retail industry has been very fierce. There are all kinds of promotional activities and hype everywhere. At the same time, a variety of means have been used in retail sales to promote the sales. It is one of the most important work to display and arrange goods, whether it is a large seller or a small and medium sized business. If you really think about it and carry out it, it will be a very good promotion for the sale of goods. So, what are the points for attention in this area? We to analyze it one by one.
  • Sufficient quantity
  • As the most important principle of display and placement, quantity is very important. Only by showing a sense of quantity can a product successfully attract customers' attention and promote sales, and at the same time make the store's image more vivid and delicate.
  • Put in a centralized way
  • If some of the goods are in the same category, it is better to put them together or adjacent positions, which can make it easier for customers to find the brand or variety they want to find.
  • Easy to take
  • The convenience of customers to take and restore is also one of the good conditions for display. Because no matter how high-end your goods are placed in the atmosphere, if the customer feels inconvenient when taking or restoring it, the good display can not achieve the goal of promoting sales.
  • Complete complement
  • This point is that the goods should be displayed and placed as far as possible to ensure that a brand or a series of goods can be complete, and can be centralized at the same time, so the customer can have more contrast, more room and more choice when choosing the product, and the overall feeling will also be even more. Beautiful and neat.
  • Clean and clean
  • This is a customer's demand for all consumer situations. As a shopkeeper, it should be the first time to clean up the health of the shelves and the environment. The dust should be cleared in time so that customers can have a fresh sense of purchase.
  • Interrelated
  • If a customer wants to buy toothpaste, then he is likely to also want to buy a toothbrush, so in the process of placing the goods, it is necessary to take into account the relevance of the commodity so that the customer will feel very handy in the process of buying it, and think of what must be found around it. This requires the careful design and examination of the owner. Worry, such as tea sets and tea leaves, garbage bags and garbage crates.
  • Advanced first out
  • The store owner should pay attention to the shelf life and the validity of the goods in the display and placement of the goods, especially for the goods with shorter shelf life, such as yogurt, bread and refrigerated food, which should follow the principle of advanced first out, that is to put the goods near the expiration date or the period of validity in front, which will produce a new date. Put the goods on the back.
  • Bright light
  • This is particularly prominent in the jewelry store. People with experience in jewelry purchase will notice that a very bright light will be used in the showcase of the jewelry store so that the glittering and shining jewelry can be highlighted. In the same way, the commodity placement in the Shang Dynasty should also be placed in a strong, light, eye - able place. If the light is not bright enough, it needs additional lighting to supplement the light.
  • Collocation
  • In the process of buying, 40% of buying behavior is impulse buying. There may be many reasons for impulse buying, such as a very powerful promotion, a very good product, and so on. The impact of the outer packaging of the goods on the first feeling of the people is also one of the most important factors. As a result, shopkeepers should pay attention to the color matching of all kinds of goods in order to avoid the visual confusion caused by the same or similar color, and the collocation and combination should be combined and combined. The above 9 points are the basic skills of commodity display and display, bar shop reminds all shopkeepers in the process of operation must pay attention to.

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