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Holidaypac Custom packaging is a great way to communicate your unique brand identity and set the tone for your products when your customers open their packages. 

However, like all things unique, custom packaging solutions can come with an increased price tag. But, it's not as easy as simply assuming that these solutions are more expensive than standard shipping boxes, standard shipping box will be easy to ship but the price will not be cheaper as custom packaging.

To help you understand what impacts the cost of custom packaging, we've compiled this complete guide to all the factors that impact the cost, so you can budget more effectively for your custom packaging solutions.


The first important thing to note about custom packaging is that it's important to not assume that all custom packaging solutions are significantly more expensive. The price will fluctuate depending on a variety of factors, including your branding requirements, product type and supplier.Each packaging supplier will place a different price on the customization features on their packaging, making it difficult to find an average price for custom packaging solutions. That being said, the cost of your custom packaging solutions are typically dictated by your individual requirements and product type. In other words, it's within your power to drastically increase or decrease the cost of custom packaging.


Here are some of the key factors that typically decide on the price of custom packaging:

1) The Type Of Products Your Company Is Selling
The type of product your company sells will make a big difference to your custom packaging solutions. The first distinction that will impact your packaging price will be whether you're selling to an online customer base or your products will be stocked in brick-and-mortar stores.E-commerce stores may have to invest a different amount in custom packaging solutions to ensure their products are protected while in transit; whereas retail stocked products may not need to invest as much in protecting mailing solutions. Additionally, the type of product is important to your packaging costs, as delicate products like electronics, cosmetics or jewelry will require more protective custom packaging to ensure products survive the journey from the manufacturer to the customer.


2) The Type Of Branding Your Company Needs For Your Products
Having your unique branding on your packaging is an exciting moment for many businesses, as it gives sellers an opportunity to communicate their personality and artistic tastes. However, additional branding and artwork come with associated costs that could hike up the price of your custom packaging solutions.The general rule is, the more detailed and colorful your branding and artwork are the more it's likely going to cost you. However, when you consider that branded custom packaging solutions can have a significant impact on consumer experience and ensure that your brand is easily identifiable, the price is well worth it!


3) The Options You Have For Custom Printing And Custom Boxes
When it comes to custom packaging, there's typically a lot you can choose from. You can choose rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, or folding cartons that each come with their own finishes to choose from Your choice of material and the corresponding finish can make a big impact on your price. Corrugated remains one of the most cost-effective options on the market.They're super easy to assemble and provide a lot of protection, so if you have a smaller shipping and packaging supplies budget, you can consider a material like this for your products. On the other hand, if you're looking to spend a little more cash on more expensive packaging material, you can choose a rigid box that is usually very sturdy and takes the customer experience to a new level with a more luxurious feel.


4) Manufacturing Costs
Manufacturing costs can make a big difference to your price, especially if they offer a more comprehensive quality testing service.When you find a manufacturer, it's important to ensure they carry out extensive quality testing to ensure your boxes can withstand pressure and keep your products safe while in transit. If a manufacturer offers both the manufacturing, printing and testing processes, they may charge more than other suppliers.Depending on the services, finishes, branding and material choice you pursue, manufacturers may also have different price tags for each. This means each manufacturer will offer you a different price for the same product, which is important to shop around when selecting a manufacturer.


5) Shipping & Handling Costs
Depending on the size and weight of your custom packaging, your shipping and handling costs can differ. If you choose a very sturdy material that's heavy than lighter custom packaging solutions, you might be facing larger shipping and handling fees.You should always consider your packaging dimensions when you're designing your custom solutions to ensure your custom packaging still falls within your budget after calculating shipping and handling costs.


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